A look 👀 Forward 💗🐶😇🙏


A lots gone on in this past week but as of today the fog is starting to clear.

I celebrated my 49th birthday 🎉 last week & my husband made the best birthday cake 🎂 ever & shared it with everyone at the salon!

Saturday night on 1/21 we had an amazing night out & it was great to meet up with some peeps I haven’t seen in years. Of course at my favorite restaurant Sushi 🍣 Pop here in Oviedo.

On Sunday 1/22 my actual birth day, we had a super storm cell pass thru with lots of lightning, hail & nearby tornadoes…⛈🌪💦 Thankfully 😅 most everyone was okay here in local Central Florida but North & South of us others did suffer some damage. Everything kept beeping with tornado warnings saying take cover immediately!! All while we watched the New England Patriots play.

Also that Sunday night, January 22 we watched in excitement as the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady #TB12, had one of the best conference game wins in the teams history, beating out the Pittsburg Steelers! They won the AFC Championship & now head to the Super Bowl 51 in Houston to play the Atlanta Falcons! #goPATS #ONEmore

And on this night, while celebrating my birthday, weathering the storm and witnessing one if the best Patriots football 🏈 games ever… my sweet little fur baby Brooki 🐶  suddenly took a turn for the worse & eventually passed in the early hours of 1/23 😓

To say that her passing was unexpected is not so, but we are never ready for our loved ones to leave us.

See, to some this next statement may sound funny or even weird… but to my family & good friends , they know I’m a bit “different “…and as I began to say my prayers & positive affirmation for Tom Brady & the New England Patriots, I first begin to pray for Brooke. I pray & ask that she be healed & be healthy, as I’ve done for many years.

I pray for all of our pets, or family, our loved ones, our homes, our belongings, our coworkers, our clients, ever our enemies. I pray for peace, for love ❤️, for protection, for harmony, for good health, strength, clarity, awareness & the constant flow of financial abundance… and all of this “in good form”. It was at this time of prayer for Brooke  🙏 that a little voice in my head was heard saying “we can’t “… and I preceded to walk over in front of my husband & told him that the Patriots would win but Brooki was going to die that night….of course he didn’t believe me…and it happened, just like that, that fast, like all of a sudden in a matter of hours 😇

She had become lethargic & unmotivated. In early December i had noticed that she no longer came to the door with her other fur siblings. After rounds of tests & blood work, she was diagnosed with an intense case of anemia. Her levels were very low & she had lost 6lbs. Everything else was good. After 2 weeks of antibiotics & steroid meds from her vet of 10+ years Dr. McPhearson at Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital, Dr. M did another round of blood work. Expecting to see an improvement, her levels again dropped lower & lost another pound. She really had no idea as to what else could have been wrong with her. She was scheduled first thing January 24th, Monday morning for another check up. But it was just her time…

It’s been a few days, I’m still tearing up….I can’t explain why this is still so hard to deal with especially because I knew it was coming…but it is. Everything has changed. My mornings prayers, our eating routine, her pill box is still on the counter. Brooke was the Alpha so I still have yet to see who the new boss is. I think i’ll be Lucky. Jamie her sister & Chance have bonded & become snuggle buddies. And Kitty is the cats meow, she loves everyone..