Pray for Orlando

2016-06-12 13.38.37 2016-06-12 16.31.59 2016-06-12 23.36.01 2016-06-14 02.50.16On the early morning of June 12, 2016 an evil man walked in to Pulse Nightclub at killed 49 men & woman & injured so many more. This horrible act of domestic terrorism has affected not just the City Beautiful of Orlando Florida but  many people from around the world. As we start to get on with our lives in the regular manner as once before this tragic event, there are constant reminders and stories of survivors that will be forever in my mind & my heart.

I ask you who read this to please continue for pray for healing, strength for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, their friends, families and loved ones, the people of Orlando, the LGBTQ community and our brothers and sisters around the world.

#OrlandoStrong #PrayforOrlando #OrlandoUnited


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Premiere Show with Akzentz was great !!!

2016-06-04 18.26.04The Premiere Show Orlando is in the history books! And wow what a great turn out we had at the Akzentz booth. I felt honored to work for Akzentz this year especially in my home town!  2016-06-07 14.08.12 2016-06-07 20.50.15 2016-06-07 20.53.38 2016-06-07 22.25.53 2016-06-08 05.25.45 2016-06-08 06.55.56 2016-06-08 06.56.15 2016-06-08 06.56.36 2016-06-08 23.55.11 2016-06-09 00.10.34

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Premiere Show!

Wow, it’s that time again! The big nail show is this weekend & I am so excited to be working as an Akzentz ACE Educator for the Akzentz booth #2511 in my home town, Orlando!!! Yay for me!

A year in review; After attending the show last June I took the 3 day Akzentz educator training course to become a certified Akzentz representative. Once again through the training and leadership skills presented by Akzentz top International Certified Educator Gina Silvestro, I learned so much about gel enhancements. In October I found out that I had made the 3rd tier of education & became an Akzentz Signature Consultant. It was then that I made it my goal to become an exclusive Akzentz gel nail specialist and focus on becoming one of Akzentz very best ACE Educators (Akzentz Certified Educator)  & did my very last acrylic service. In January I flew out to Long Beach California & had the time of my life! I spent 8 whole days focusing on just nails & once again tested to become an Akzentz ACE Educator. Nerves got the best of me, as I spent 45 minutes of my 2 hour total time on one Luxio gel polish But yes I did finish in time and by the grace of God in April,  I was awarded with the honor of being titled an Akzentz ACE educator.

I just received my ACE certification yesterday & I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this title. This summer will mark 31 years of doing nails and in some ways I feel I am just beginning to get it! …stayed tuned…& see you at the show!!!

Akzentz classes available for Luxio, Options Gel, Gel Play & ProFormance Gel

Akzentz classes available for Luxio, Options Gel, Gel Play & ProFormance Gel

2016-05-31 18.29.11


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Acrylic Design class June 7th w/ Max Estrada Exclusive Nail Couture- Instagram@KingofNail

max.hat max.large max.productHi ladies, I am super excited to announce that the “King of Nail” Max Estrada will be teaching his amazing acrylic design techniques featuring his very own products Exclusive Nail Couture! Max is an International Nail Champion & world wide leader in the nail industry!

Join us Tuesday June 7th after the big Premiere Show in Orlando for a 1 day hands on acrylic training class. To register for this class click this link here.

Class price is $130 plus a $5 process and handling fee.

For more info on class info & location click here to visit the Nails Done Right Facebook Events page or call Linda 321-663-7710

*Design Sculpture Acrylic Class
This class will take you through product features & benefits, design concepts & planning, advanced design techniques using colored acrylics & colored gel polish & gel painting.
We will Focus on composition, learning to use various techniques and styles from both Russia and Asia to develop our own unique style and will help you create unique nail art in the salon environment. Learn the secrets of shaping consistent nails every time and my famous signature 3D flowers !
All deposits are non refundable.
Class location is Nails Done Right in Oviedo Florida. 32765
Contact is Linda Reyes 321-663-7710

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